Cumbrian Tea was founded in 2020, and is blended especially to suit Cumbrian water. Made in the UK, our tea enhances the water quality of Cumbrian water, ensuring you get a great tasting brew. What makes us experts in this you ask? Keep reading to find out this and more about being 100% plastic free and our sustainable crdentials.


You deserve a good cup of tea, and we know how to make one! Our chairman has over 40 years experience leading the water softener industry in the UK, having founded Harveys Water Softeners. We have put his experience and knowledge to good use when making our Ramblers Brew. We then roped in our tea supremo Ben who helped us blend our tea especially for the Cumbrian water quality, what Ben doesn't know about tea isn't worth knowing. The final step is manufacturing, with our bespoke plastic free factory based in Cornwall we put the tea into production, ensuring we maximised our sustainable output. All of these factors have gone into making what we know is a great cup of tea especially for the people of Cumbria.



We originally started life as Cornish Tea & Cornish Coffee Co, whereby we made our and coffee for the people of Cornwall and beyond. This was such a hit, we figured why not make teas and coffee for other counties, blended especially for their water quality. At the moment our production happens in Cornwall, because its not feasible to have a £1 million pound factory in every county, but we're proud to be able keep it in the UK. Who knows, one day there might be production of tea and coffee in Cumbria!


Why is choosing plastic free tea bags so important? 

By not choosing plastic free tea bags you are exposing each mug of tea you drink to 11.5 million micro plastics. Yep really that much! Our Ramblers Brew is 100% plastic free, from the product all the way to the box! The tea bags are made using Cornstarch tea bag paper, the tea is responsibly sourced, the foil wrapper is biodegradable and the box from recycled FSC cardboard. This makes our tea recyclable and biodegradable, because we believe in great taste without the waste.


This is just the start for Cumbrian Tea, we have plans to roll out more of a range as demand calls for it. Who knows you might also see an Cumbrian Coffee hit the shelves soon!