Sometimes in business it pays to be a little bit cheeky...

Becoming a father to a little girl, Ella Rose, during lockdown, I had what you might call an inspired epiphany.

The inspiration came from my grandfather who was an entrepreneur and who passed away leaving, amongst other things, a teapot which he had always maintained would be “worth something” one day. Some crude research into the item resulted in little information, so over the years the teapot has simply been stored away safely, gathering dust.

Mark with Ella Rose and his wife Kay.

© With Love Photography

Mark with Ella Rose and his wife Kay.

© Mark Cant

A note left inside the tea pot reads: "Won with pigeons, 1937, don’t break."

The epiphany arrived upon receipt of a cream tea hamper which I ordered for my wife’s 40th birthday from one of our favourite UK holiday destinations. In the hamper was a local tea which as well as being really tasty, was also in eye catching packaging. Intrigued, I read a bit more into the company behind the tea and liked what they were about: ethical, environmentally friendly and seemingly approachable.

Always wanting to create a business that puts back into our great county and having an immense love of tea, not to mention being fascinated by the story of my grandfathers teapot (and believing it to be a “sign”), I looked into whether there was a regionalised tea brand in Cumbria, which there wasn’t, really. So, I contacted the tea and coffee manufacturer with an idea…

Part of my email reads:

“Basically, I have a USP and the will to work with you to bring your tea – albeit a slightly different blend – to Cumbria. We could take your product and put some different packaging in place that would see the likes of well known supermarkets buy in to becoming distributors. Approach the best hotels (there’s some amazing hotels btw) and get Cumbrian Tea as the tea of choice for their cream teas.

The possibilities aren’t endless, of course, there’s a limit. But who knows what the limit is? I’m really willing to find out if you are!”

They loved my idea, invited me for an interview and now we are business partners, nearing the launch of our very own Cumbrian Tea: Ramblers’ Brew! The rest, as they say, is history! Well, not exactly. There’s still a LOT of work to do to make it a truly Cumbrian brand, but we are at the beginning of something special, and would love to have you on board!

We maintain an ethical and environmentally friendly ethos and also seek to work with local charitable organisations to embed sustainable outcomes. Basically, we really want to make a positive impact on the great county of Cumbria! To discover how check our other blog posts and remember, everyone has an entrepreneur inside, you just need to be persistent, trust your gut, and sometimes be a little bit cheeky!

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