Ramblers' Brew Box Tea with plastic free packaging
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The Cumbrian Tea & Cumbrian Coffee Co. Ltd

Ramblers’ Brew

80s retail and 1120s catering size packs of fabulous tea dedicated to the great Cumbrian people and visiting ramblers alike!

Our tea is ethically and sustainably sourced exclusively from Kenya and Malawi, stable countries both from a political and climatic perspective. This allows for tracking of the full process; from growing of the tea in the plantations through to transportation and delivery to the UK. Sourcing from countries with a stable climate ensures that our products maintain the same great taste, small batch after small batch. We are working with relevant ethical bodies to gain certification but this takes time, so please bear with us on this front.


• 100% un-bleached plastic free and biodegradable (home compostable) tea bag paper*;

• 100% plastic free and biodegradable inner wrapper**;

•100% plastic free FSC Certified*** outer cardboard carton;

• Natural colourings used for packaging where able.

What more can be said, simply green by nature. Well, apart from the tea, which is black!

*Our tea bags are made from 100% Poly Lactic Acid (PLA), a plant based polymer, making them biodegradable and compostable.

They’re also un-bleached due to the amazing manufacturing process, as whilst in the plastic-free, plant-based pulp phase, the mix is “fired” with O2 (oxygen). This removes the majority of the colour, leaving the finished bags cleaner than clean, ready to house our lovely tea blend.

**Whilst the compostable metallised cellulose for our wrapper is recyclable, it cannot be recycled with other types of plastics because it has a lower melting temperature that causes problems at recycling centers. This means the wrapper should not be recycled with your other curbside recycling. Please check your local council waste management capacity before disposal. Compostable metallised cellulose can be bio-degraded within circa 3 months at industrial food waste and composting facilities but takes longer in home hot composters. Again please check your local council waste management capacity before disposal.

***The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) are an amazing organisation who only source wood for production from forests that are sustainably managed.

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