Wilfred Dickinson – a traditional ‘Cumbrian marra’ (a friendly term used to describe a local, or simply meaning ‘mate’) – didn’t have much when he passed away. One of the few sentimental items he left was an old tea pot that he won as a boy, whilst racing pigeons. He told his daughter, Mark’s mother, that one day the tea pot would be ‘worth something’ (true story!)…

© Mark Cant

A note left inside the tea pot reads: "Won with pigeons, 1937, don’t break."

Following a career in the Armed Forces, Wilfred’s grandson Mark – also a ‘marra’- settled in his native county of Cumbria… a place he calls home and a place he loves. He also really loves tea… mmm… lovely tea!

During his time spent working around the world, Mark – inspired by his grandfather’s story of the tea pot and believing it to be a “sign” – dreamed of creating a tea that the great Cumbrian people would be proud to call their own… a tea to share with the world. This became more than Mark’s dream; it became his vision!

The tea gods (which definitely exist) led Mark to a gadgee (used when referring to a man you don’t know the name of) whom he now knows as Duncan. Duncan has many years of experience in the tea making industry and liked Mark’s ideas, so they agreed to become business partners!

Today – working together – Mark and Duncan’s mission is to work sustainably to provide the people of Cumbria – as well as its many visiting ramblers – with great tasting, ethically sourced and environmentally friendly products, at a very reasonable price.

The first leaves used for the initial Cumbrian Tea production run now sit pride of place in Wilfred’s teapot. Known as “The Dickinson Luck”; it is hoped that as long as the teapot remains intact, there will be success for The Cumbrian Tea and Cumbrian Coffee Co!

But it doesn’t stop there… the company has a sustainable, ethical and environmentally friendly ethos and looks to work with local charitable organisations to embed amazing outcomes. Basically, they really want to make a positive impact on the great county of Cumbria!

Have a deek at the Social Impact page for more information about the good work within the community!

Thank you for reading, Cooper and Mark.

Mark & Cooper

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